Leadership Team 

Meet Your Leadership Team

Mitchell O'Keefe

Mitchell is currently a senior at Montclair High School who started playing Ultimate in 7th grade on the Montclair Middle School Team. He then joined the Montclair High School Team freshman year,  and played for DEVYL U-17  the summer after sophomore year.  Junior year he started helping run the team,  and learned all there was to learn about running a team from the graduating seniors. The summer after Junior year he played on DEVYL U-20 in 2023, at Youth Club Championships in Colorado with Sam and Krish. On the field he loves to make good decisions, minimizing turns, and patiently working the disc up the field before scoring. He can't wait to help lead the team this coming year.

When not playing ultimate, Mitchell enjoys fencing, and fences for the Montclair High School fencing team, and fences club year round. He loves how fast paced fencing is, and how polar opposites fencing and ultimate can be. He enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, skiing, and biking when he finds the time.

Sam McCrory

Sam McCrory is a junior at Montclair High School. He joined the team his freshman year, and immediately was hooked. After being recruited freshman year to join the DEVYL U-17 summer team and playing at the Youth Club Championships in Minnesota, he played his sophomore year, leading the team in blocks and tied for second in points scored. This past summer, he played on DEVYL U-20 in Colorado.  As a d-line cutter, he loves getting layout blocks and scoring breaks after the turnover. In zone defense, Sam prides himself in his vision of the field and predicting throws before they happen, securing blocks when least expected. As a coach, he's excited to continue the team's success at practice and teach new players the love of ultimate. 

Outside of Ultimate, Sam loves spending time hiking, climbing and swimming in the woods. He also enjoys cooking overcomplicated recipes, baking pies and other delectable treats, and then giving said treats away(there's no way he could eat it all on his own!). He recently baked a delicious focaccia loaf that rose for three days. Sometimes he combines his love for nature and his love for cooking by cooking gourmet food on camping trips that no one expects. Still figuring out how to get better at hiking, baking, and frisbee, Sam's excited to see what he and the team can do this year!

Bimi Prewitt

Krish Vasisht

Griffin is a senior at Montclair highschool who helped to create the Middle School ultimate team in Montclair 2018. The next season he played with the  DEVYL All-Star Team, a conglomerate of the best Middle School players in New Jersey. During his 2019-2020 season and his 2020-2021 season he played for the U-17 Summer Devyl team, and for his 2021-2022 season he played for the U-20 Summer Devyl team. He currently plays for the Montclair Geese, which he joined in the fall season of his freshman year. A starting handler since freshman year Griffin has contributed greatly to the strategy elements of the team. He helped introduce the team to the Ho-Stack offense that they run today and continues to  coach the team and teach new players the intricacies of ultimate frisbee.  He is currently the third member of the leadership team as well as Director of Coaching and Strategy and is excited to introduce new ideas for the 2023-2024 season.

Outside of Ultimate Frisbee, Griffin enjoys reading and the great outdoors. His current favorite book is the Aurora series by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. He loves fishing for basically anything that will bite and has recently taken on the challenge of fly fishing. While he didn't get to do much snowboarding this winter, Griffin is an avid snowboarder that also loves to wakeboard in the summertime! Camping, Hiking, getting lost, Griffin is always up for anything that has to do with nature!

The Players!

In our student run model players can step up into leadership positions and allow our team and program to flourish. Every player in our program helps contribute to Montclair Ultimate and its operations. This includes team store and merchandise directors, social media managers, transportation directors, team captains and coaches, Middle school coaches and organizers, communication directors and more.