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Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to support the Spring ’23 Montclair Ultimate Frisbee season!  As luxury brand leaders in residential real estate, Vikram Vasisht and Liz Morris know the importance of coming together with their group of talented agents to work as a TEAM for their clients.  Their deep knowledge and analytic approach to the marketplace provide an invaluable competitive edge.  Cheers to the Montclair Geese for a winning season!!

Breakmark keeps Montclair Ultimate looking super stylish in their merch! The process to get their products is simple and easy, and we're rewarded with high quality and colorful wares. In addition to jerseys and shorts, they make hats, reversibles, sweatpants, hoodies and more. We're super excited to partner with Breakmark this season and we're stoked to wear their sweet, sweet designs.