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Montclair Ultimate is proudly partnered with: 

Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to support the Spring ’23 Montclair Ultimate Frisbee season!  As luxury brand leaders in residential real estate, Vikram Vasisht and Liz Morris know the importance of coming together with their group of talented agents to work as a TEAM for their clients.  Their deep knowledge and analytic approach to the marketplace provide an invaluable competitive edge.  Cheers to the Montclair Geese for a winning season!!

Prominent Properties is supporting the Geese on their trip to Nationals by donating 15% of their net check for every lead generated by the Geese Community, so if you hear about somebody looking to buy or sell property, reach out to them and tell them about Prominent Properties. And of course, if you are planning on buying or selling property yourself definitely consider working with Prominent Properties. Thanks so much Prominent Properties!

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Brain and Body Method Mission:

Provide the latest technology and equipment available in exercise science leveraged by top athletes to gain better results in less time. Top athletes are having longer careers than ever because the tools used to train and recover have progressed dramatically over the past two decades. 


We are on a mission to make this type of technology and equipment available to anyone 40+ to improve their health, strength, and cognitive fitness in a safe and very time-efficient manner. Our goal is to measurably enhance and extend Healthspan, the part of a person’s life during which they are generally in good health.


As we age and pass 40, our approach needs to evolve for us to ensure we not only maintain what we have but improve in the areas which will correlate to cognitive and physical health so we can enjoy life fully. This means becoming proactive vs reactive in key areas like strength, coordination, reflexes, endurance, and cognitive fitness.


Our focus is not on how long we live but rather how well we can live the second half of our lives.


Our method:

By combining the latest research, exercise robotics and artificial intelligence, Brain & Body Method makes it possible to produce quantifiable cognitive and fitness results in two 20-minute personal training sessions per week.


Our method integrates the following training:


To date, there are only a handful of locations around the country combining this state-of-the-art equipment. As members of the Montclair community for the past 15 years, we are eager for this to benefit the community.

Brain and Body Method is doing a fundraiser to help send the Montclair Geese to Nationals.  For each person that signs up for two free trials at Brain and Body Method by May 21st they will donate money to our fundraising campaign. The link to those free trials can be found here. The person signing up must also be over the age of 40, live in Montclair and schedule to complete their free trials between May 7th and June 18th. This is a great way to help the Montclair Geese and possibly find something you truly enjoy!

We're also sponsored by...

Breakmark keeps Montclair Ultimate looking super stylish in their merch! The process to get their products is simple and easy, and we're rewarded with high quality and colorful wares. In addition to jerseys and shorts, they make hats, reversibles, sweatpants, hoodies and more. We're super excited to partner with Breakmark this season and we're stoked to wear their sweet, sweet designs.