Montclair Ultimate Frisbee


About Montclair Ultimate Frisbee

Montclair Ultimate Frisbee is a group of Montclair-based Ultimate Frisbee teams for all skill levels and age groups. There are the Ducks, the middle school program; the Geese, the high school program; the Mama Geese, the club team; as well as an active adult program... all in Montclair! You do not have to live in Montclair to join any of these programs.

Caoba skies for the goal at Nationals - June 2023

Sam lays out at Nationals - June  2023

About Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact, high intensity sport. It combines the aerial throwing of lacrosse, the continuous play of soccer, and the endzones of football to produce an exciting, enjoyable sport. It is played by 7 players on each team who work together to pass a disc to the endzone and score.

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