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Players who DID NOT register for the Fall 2023 Season.

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Do I have to have any experience to join the team?

No. In fact, most of our players have never played Ultimate before they join.

Are there any cuts?

We are firmly opposed to cutting any players from the team. However we are a competitive team and do expect players to attend almost all practices.  If a player does not show up to enough practices, they may be unable to play in some tournaments. 

I am unsure about joining, can I try it out? 

Yes! Please register above so you can receive important information and updates and then attend a few practices to try out the sport. 

Can I join the team once a season has already started?

Yes! While we recommend joining the team before the season begins, we accept players at any time of the year. 

When does the Fall Season start and end?

The Fall Season starts in early September and ends in the middle of November.

When does the Spring Season start and end?

The Spring Season starts in early March and ends in early June. 

How often does the team practice?

We practice four days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, from 3pm-5pm and Saturdays, from 1-0am-12pm. We also regularly go to tournaments on weekends that last the entire day. We typically go to 5-6 tournaments per season.

Does the team cost any money to join?

All players need to purchase a pair of soccer, football, or baseball cleats as well as a youth membership on USA Ultimate for $40. The teams also asks for small donations twice a year. Financial assistance is available as necessary.

When does the team order jerseys and merchandise?

Players order jerseys and merchandise through our Team Store. The Team Store is typically open from late fall through winter. This is the only time of the year that the Team Store is open. All players need to order the jerseys. Financial assistance is available. 

What happens if I join the team after the Team Store has closed? Do I still get a jersey?

The team has spare jerseys to loan to players who joined the team after the Team Store closes. Once the Team Store opens again, these players are expected to order their own jerseys.